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    Individual Psychotherapy

    My approach is Existential and Humanistic in nature. I will offer presence, listening, reflection, and interpretation in order to support and accompany you on your unfolding journey. 

    By engaging in weekly therapy, one might find expanded ways of being in their lives, as indicated by more purpose and flexibility both within themselves and in relationships. 

    As with all therapies, honesty, trust, and courage are foundational to this process. By exploring beliefs, narratives, and habits from your life, new ways of showing up in the world may emerge. 

    Although the foundation of my approach is Existential and Humanistic, I’m also influenced by mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic theory, and Focusing (Eugene Gendlin). 

    If you are experiencing any (or any combination) of the following, individual psychotherapy could be helpful: 

    – anxiety

    – depression

    – grief

    – loneliness

    – difficulties in relationship(s)

    – feeling “stuck”

    – compulsive or addictive behaviors